Kigurumi Offline Meeting 2014 Pt 1

Last few days (28 to 29 July 2014) i have a wonder time in the offline meeting with other kig friends in my country (Malaysia) and also special guest from other country ^^ (Indonesia). and it is also the 1st offline meeting in my country as well.

From my country is Kig performers are :- Mi rei, Chiralry and Me
Plus special guest from Indonesia :- Minami Ai Ling

Therefore a lot of things to do for the gathering as well.. for the first time .. so i have to temporary stop a while my mask work to prepare for this kig offline ^^


From the photo above i think all of you may know which character they are

Sometimes it is good to see some of my mask are coming back for a visit in this gathering
A lot of photo have been taken during the Offline and it is hard for me to choose which one i have to share with you all... So.. i start with the Dinner



So .. without wasting our precious times .. we end up decide to order a pizza for dinner lol.....and .. little chibi Nyaruko climb up the pizza box and wanted to have bite first. Lucky we did stop her for taking the advantage on the pizza.

OFFLINE- 6_resize

Here is our 1st photo .. to welcome you all ^^

OFFLINE- 4_resize

Seem like everyone are very anxious to see the Pizza "^^ as Medaka open the pizza box

OFFLINE- 5_resize

Oh, another things .. we also bring our Pocky as well for dinner too

OFFLINE- 8_resize

We almost forget today is also Minami 1st Anniversary with Mirai Character .. . Luckily we did bought the Pizza for her celebration as well

OFFLINE-11 - 7_resize

Everyone taking photo with Mirai to celebrate and wish her the best in future too

OFFLINE-11 - 1_resize

OFFLINE-11 - 5_resize

Me and Mirai

OFFLINE-11 - 2_resize

Nyaruko and Mirai

OFFLINE-11 - 6_resize

Medaka and Mirai

OFFLINE-11 - 4_resize

Me, Mirai and Nyaruko

Lastly all together in one photo... i see Madokami also join the scene lol

OFFLINE-11 - 3_resize

..... seem we all are really hungry now ..... ~ITADAKIMASU~ [ いただきます]

OFFLINE- 7_resize

Seem like Nyaruko want to share her Slice of pizza with Mirai ...

OFFLINE- 10_resize

but.......... "^^

OFFLINE- 11_resize

Naughty Nyaruko haha

Any way ... here i would like to end the 1st part of my post in this blog and i will continue to post another one soon .. on our Offline meeting ^^

OFFLINE- 9_resize

See you again very soon from us all

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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