New Final Mask Version From KWonder (Sample)

Hello everyone ^^

and wow.. i was surprised that my blog visitors have pass 40,000 hits .. and i did not notice until today i want to updates my blog by sharing my new Mask sample that i have made.

On the Last few months or actually 3 months i have been working on my New prototype on my "Final version" of my mask .... i try to find the shape of the mask that i want all this long .. ever since my 1st mask that i made

PB161406 copyV1720

Mia mask (1st version) was the first time that i made when i try to make my own Kig Mask... (it was a hard works that i ever done to get this mask finish) it was a good experience that i learn from this mask . Still it is not up to my satisfaction yet, as i try the determined the area which i need to improved on my Next mask making which is my 2nd version.

And it spend me almost 8 months working on it (sculpturing, molding and sanding) , and at the same time the performer of Minami also tag along and request me to made on "Minami character" At first i not sure that i would like to take the request from the performer as my skill is still growing and not really confident on my skill yet.... therefore... in the end .. after my hard works... i made Miaa and Minami .. on my version 2... DSC_3043 540

The version 2 of my mask is smaller than my first version .. as you all can see from the photo.

Minami 001Miaa Adidas Pink 03 720

To tell you the truth i was really happy to see the improvement that i have done on my version 2 mask... but still.. it is not up to my satisfaction yet... After my version 2 mask that i have made, i feel there are still some parts need to be corrected even though i like my version mask ...

And back to my drawing board... lol..

This time it took me 6 months to accomplish my version 3 still that time i did not know what character that i should made as a sample.. Miaa version 3 or perhaps taking a character from anime as a sample of my version 3 mask output... and then at same time, 4 kig performers asking me to made Eru Chitanda from Hyouka and also Mirai from Danny Choo Character, Ultimate Madoka (Madokami) and Homura in normal form from Madoka anime series ....

so all of the 4 masks i taking my version 3 form .. and of course it is definitely smaller than my version 2 .. (look like my mask is getting smaller and smaller.

Eru Chitanda 001_01
Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 09
Mirai Suenaga (Danny Choo Character)

Homura and Madoka KWonder 11_02_resize
Homura and Madoka Ultimate (Madokami)

So Miaa will not appear in my version 3 mask ^^ unfortunately
And i thought my version 3 mask is my final mask size that i want to all this time .. but i was wrong.. lol

As i record on the experience data that i have in my notepad and the photo that i have taken on my version 3 .. i notice something that i did not notice it of my previous mask that i made .. so again .. back to my sculpture @@"

This time i try a lot of new things to help me improve on my final version 4 mask .... (hopefully) ,,,

this picture is produce from the my friend in my facebook which i just made. from my existing sculpture photo of my version 4. and this time the mask is much smaller that my version 3 again
and.... this sculpture amazed me and surprised me as well... @@" i never thought i finally satisfied by this version 4 .that i try to find for so long

without second thoughts...... i adjust my times to mold the sculpture and try to cast for my version 4 sample...... and it came out lovely .. at this rate.. i have the mask sample but i not sure what character i wanted to make.. again ==????

After thinking and thinking... oh well.. might as i try on this character ... as my sample.

So i made some customised the eyes and fine sanding .. even though it was my 1st try out on my final version 4 ... and it came out like.. this...

Version 4 mask sample 05_resize

This is my final version 4 output .. that i would like to share with you all the eyes ... i just temporary using Sigma Ena eyes.. for a test. although the eyes can be customized the shape base on the anime which we are choosing.

Version 4 mask sample 06_resize

Version 4 mask sample 08_resize

Version 4 mask sample 07_resize

Opps.. the performer still getting ready for the shooting

here are a few photo on how my version 4 mask shape look like.. i hope you like it as well as i do.
Version 4 mask sample 01_resize

Version 4 mask sample 02_resize

Version 4 mask sample 03_resize

Version 4 mask sample 04_resize

Therefore just to let everyone know that i will be using my version 4 for those who request me to made for them ..

Thank you for visiting KWonder blog

last but not least ..


Nyan! from my V4 mask sample.. lol..

Thanks for those friend who was supporting me and giving me hope as well as spirit to accomplish my goal..
( Yui, Chiralry, Mirei and Minami )

See you again soon !!

now i have to put back my version 4 character to rest now.. sitting beside Cony Rabbit (LINE)

Version 4 mask sample 09_resize

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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