Chatting with Miaa 19.11.2012 ( 20,000 hits)

This Special post is regarding Yui Chatting with Miaa related the question that Yui wanted to ask.

Miaa 000 720

Waiting patiently for Miaa to come for Chatting.

Miaa :- Sorry~ Sorry~ @ ( ごめんなさい ) that i have to let Yui to wait for me for some little chatting >< because i have to help Hui San a while ^^

Yui:- It's ok Miaa Chan ( ^_^) i don't mind about it since i know Miaa Chan always busy around here hehe.

Miaa 001 720

Miaa :- So ~ what Yui Chan wanted to ask Miaa ^^?

Yui :- Oh XD.. Just some questions that i need Miaa Chan to give some answer to it ( >_o)

Miaa :- Miaa will try Miaa best to answer it ^^

Yui :- Some people asking me how old is Miaa actually?

Miaa :- I'm 17 ^^

Yui :- So... have Miaa thinking of doing live chat with some people in the web?

Miaa :- mm... yes.. but Miaa is not a good chatting while doing live cam "^^ because Miaa still new to this live chat and Miaa is very slow in typing back while chatting "^^. Miaa is a very slow learner >< sorry~ ( ごめんなさい )

Yui :- lol hehe.. it's ok Miaa Chan. Miaa Chan can slowly follow up to it in future.

Miaa :- Thank you

Yui :- here.. a cup of tea for Miaa chan ( ^_^)

Miaa :- Cup of tea?

Miaa 003 720

Miaa :- How about Yui Chan? Miaa let Yui Chan have the cup of tea first and Miaa will take later ^^

Miaa 002 720

Yui :- It's ok Miaa Chan .. it's ok don't worry about it. I'm ok hehe. So Miaa Chan have thinking of joining a cosplay event in future times? because some friends was wondering if Miaa will participate cosplay event in future.

Miaa :- mmm... at the moments, Miaa still a little scare to go outside to meet with public beside Yui Chan and Hui San. Miaa will consider it in future time

Miaa 004 720

Yui :- Miaa Chan today the bloggie hit up to 20,000 hits XD. Miaa Chan have any photo or can i snap photo of Miaa to be share in the bloggie?

Miaa :- Miaa would love to share Miaa photo with Yui Chan's bloggie ^^

Miaa 005 720

Yui :- ok .. here i go snapping ( ^_^)

Miaa 008 720

Miaa 006 720

Miaa 007 720

Miaa :- Here is one of Miaa favorite photo ^^

Miaa 0005

Miaa :- Hope Miaa photo is not too much or over.. as Miaa would like to Congratulate Kigurumi wonder blog for over 20,000 hits and Thank you to everyone for visit this blog too ^^ どうもありがとうございました

Miaa 0006


Yui ゆい

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KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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