Some interesting Places In Malaysia 003

Another things that i like in this same Area "St. John's Fort" which i mention in the previous posting was this Tricycle or here we call it "Beca" in my country


The "Beca" is well decorated with a lot of colorful flowers. can may try to sit of this Beca and they will take you for a spin in near by area .. ^^ i not sure how much they will charge for it "^^


Here is one of the Beca moving around in the street.


Since i'm here.. why not take a look at St. John's Fort? it's located just up the hill... As i walk.. i can see some view from a higher ground ..


Here is one of the photo i took which i can see from here


If you want to have better view around Melaka City, well you can take a ride in this view tower... you have to pay of course for the ride

i will show you on how the fort is look like on my next post

Some interesting Places In Malaysia 002

As i walk along the Jonker walk walk path till the end .. i saw there are a lot of tourist snapping photo in this Area in front of me.. *Tourist Attraction* area ^^ i guess i will try to stop a while in this place known as famous Historical places in Malaysia ^^.


This place is call St. John's Fort in Malacca.


This Church is known as Christ Church of Melaka (Anglican Church) Consecrated By Bishop Daniel Wilson Of Calcutta On 25th August 1838 and it was built in 1753 As The Dutch Reformed Church. (please click for better view on the photo)


One this which attract me most was this Memorial Of The Great Queen .. ^^



It's the Memorial of Victoria Regina in 1837 till 1901. That's a long time ago ^^ and still the memorial is maintain and preserve until this days.. great job ^^



Nice Flower.. which match with the Scenery ^^

Some interesting Places In Malaysia 001

Here i would like to share some of the Photos that i have taken in some interesting places that i have been within my own country (Malaysia)just for sharing ... or perhaps next time those who interested to come to Malaysia or to pay for a visit, may come and see this beautiful scene in my country ^^





Oh! Why people ... line up to get into the coffee shop in a hot sunny day? i was curious and snap a photo of it .. ^^ And so , i found my self also line up with those people waiting for a sit inside >< hehe...


i hear of Chicken Rice, BBQ Chicken Rice, Fried Chicken Rice, Sesame seed Chicken Rice and many more... but.. Chicken Rice Ball ?!? wow.. that is the first time i heard of it.. very creative in term of creating the Chicken rice ball to serve on the plate... 5 chicken rice ball per person ^^ The taste of the rice ball is very delicious and tasty. No wonder people willing to line up outside the coffee shop and yet under a hot weather


This is the normal Chicken Rice dish that i normally saw and eat ^^


There is a lot of Chicken Rice balls for everyone .. ^^

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