Millefiori Firianno Biscotti - Dog Days (From KWonder)

Hai Everyone

After Sakura mask that i have done on my previous post in KWonder Blog, Now is another mask that i have recently finish. It was the first challenge that i have experience throughout making this mask as well.. and i learn a lot from her (Millhi) as well.

As i upload on the twitter about 1/2 of her face is shown, i was surprised a lot of people know the Anime character that i was referring too

If everyone answer is Millefiori Firianno Biscotti from Dog Days Anime ? Yes she is ... you all are correct
Millhi 010 p_Name resize

Some Briefing on Millefiori background taken from Wiki


Name origin :-
Millhiore is Italian for "thousand flowers" (in Italy "millhiore" is a kind of honey, made by pollen gathered by the bees from many kinds of flowers). Concerning the naming practice of the series, it is probably named after mille-feuille, the French pastry commonly known as Napoleon. Her surname Biscotti is Italian for "biscuit".

She is also affectionately nicknamed Millihi (ミルヒ Miruhi).

Appearance :-

Millhiore is a cute girl with long pink hair and purple eyes. She also has pink dog ears and tail, wears royal-like clothes. Her hair is short in front and long in the back.

Powers & Abilities :-

Millihi is the owner of Holy Sword Excelide, one of the Treasure Swords pair of Biscotti Republic. However she is yet to awake the sword until being attacked by Rouge in the full battle against Galette.

Holy Saber (ホーリーセイバー): A combination move with Cinque. With Cinque and Millefi respectively wielding Palladion and Excelide, they simultaneously fire off a large holy-energy blast.
She can use her Emblem Arts to grant Harlan flight ability

From here.. i would like to share of the photo of Millhi mask that i have made for a performer. Hope you like it as much as i do

Millhi 01_resize

This is a front view of her

Millhi 12_resize

The back view. This is my first time that i using this kind of method to do the back part on my mask..

Millhi 05_resize

Although it is not as perfect as other people thinking.. but to me it's my first challenge on making the mask and spending a lot of times on it as well

Millhi 06_resize

Top part of the view

Millhi 04_resize

Another things which is new to me was the Ahoge (Jumping Hair) on Millhi .. On the pass few months, I trying to find a best way on making the Ahoge for Millhi... even in my sleep i also doing the thinking as well.. lol.. in the end i manage to get the Ahoge done .. luckily

Millhi 18_resize

Millhi 17_resize

And the rest are the Side View oh Millhi

Millhi 15_resize

The more i work on Millhi.. Her cuteness really outwork and hypnotize me ...


As i share some of my experience with some of my Kig performer friends... that in a way Millhi is special...
How Special she is? well........

Millhi 11_resize

Ta daa.... She have Human ear hidden under her side hair
She now can live with Hero .. in her dimension world as well as Human world too (Hero's Dimension)

Actually the Human ear is requested by the performer to be attached

Okey... here is Millhi with doggie ear and no doggie earor perhaps the doggie ear is hidden inside the hair hehe

compare millhi_resize

Hope the performer who own Millhi will take good care of her as i have put a lot of effort on her on the last few months

Another things before i end my post.. Fill free to visit my KWonder Facebook Page which i open to public to visit on my mask work that i have done recently and also in future times to come just for sharing Oh, don't forget to press like on the page as well Thank you very much and hope to see you on my next post take care everyone...

KWonder Mask Works (春日野 さくら Kasugano Sakura)


Sakura Kasugano (春日野 さくら Kasugano Sakura?) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She is a Japanese schoolgirl who has an intense fascination with Ryu. She has managed to copy and learn some of Ryu's techniques, but really wants him to train her personally. She is the fourth female fighter in the series (after Chun-Li, Cammy and Rose). She has a friend named Kei Chitose, who attends the same high school and sometimes goes along with Sakura on her street fight tour.

Sakura typically fights in her school's uniform, a short-skirted sailor uniform (seifuku) with the collar popped and red bloomers underneath. She also wears red Converse-esque shoes, a red top under her uniform, red boxing gloves, a yellow bola tie, and a white headband (given by Ryu before Street Fighter Alpha 2). She has short brown hair.

In many aspects, Sakura is very outgoing and respectful in personality, as she is most of the time happy, energetic, cheerful, positive, hard-working and focused in combat. She has a noble spirit and a very determined attitude, either in studies or in martial arts training. She sees Ryu as an idol and teacher, rather than an opponent, since she always watches him fight and mirrors herself on his philosophies in battle. Although her techniques may seem somewhat "rustic" in comparison to Ryu and Ken, she manages to balance her school work with her trainings in hopes of being accepted as Ryu's student and prove herself by fighting worthy adversaries. In a clean match, Sakura is a very patient and disciplined warrior. She is the embodiment of innocence, and is acknowledged by many fighters to have great potential that may one day match Ryu and Ken in strength when she gets older.

(Taken From :-

Here Kwonder would like to present Sakura Kasugano that we have been working on lately.

Sakura Street Fighter 001 LOGO_resize

This mask is very special in term of ... customized and done by us base on the performer requirement (name by Sakura)
as well ... we will share Sakura FB (Facebook) account next time in the blog

Sakura Street Fighter 002_resize

Since Sakura Kasugano have a short boy hair ... people will mistaken that she is a male but.. luckily .. her school uniform making her look cute as well as tough character as well

Sakura Street Fighter 008_resize

Sakura Street Fighter 003_resize

Sakura Street Fighter 005_resize

Here are the few shots on how the mask look like

Sakura Street Fighter 004_resize

Hope you all like the 春日野 さくら Kasugano Sakura that KWonder have done... last but not least .. here is one of the photo that .. the performer have shoot and edited to be share in Kwonder blog ..


Very cute
Please look forward to her photo in Facebook or other website if the performer have in future ..

Do you like Chitanda Eru (Hyouka) Character?

This few weeks or month is quite busy for me .. on my works and also making some kigurumi mask as well. At least one of the mask that is nearly finish and can be going for crafting stage was this Character Chitanda Eru from Hyouka.


About Eru Chitanda

(Eru Chitanda @ Chitanda Eru)

Chitanda is a calm and happy person, but can become very excited when new or interesting things happen, especially when it involves her club. She is described as a beautiful 16 year old girl with long black hair and purple eyes. She usually sports a cheerful expression and is usually seen in her uniform.

(Eru Chitanda Eyes are Unique)

Eru is the single daughter of the Chitanda Family, one of the four remaining wealthy farming families of the area, according to Satoshi. She joined the Classics Club due to "personal reasons", and is the president of the club due to it not retaining any members from the previous year. She likes mysteries and has a great curiosity, which often drags Houtarou into solving them. She often expresses her curiosity the phrase "私気になります!" ("watashi kininarimasu"), often translated as "I'm curious!".

Here is the one of the mask that i'm working on (Eru Chitanda) still nee a little more sanding job and it's done "^^ By using painting software i sketch the eyes onto the mask that i made.. and see how it roughly look like ^^ although it will be different from the finish stage later in future ^^

Eru Chitanda  (Hyouka)

Hopefully i will able to finish the rest of the masks which is still in sanding stage and show you the rest of the character that i'm working on as well on my next post in future. ^^


-* Mia *- Twin Sister New Generation? ( =①ω①=)?~!!!

DSC_3535 540

Mia have new Twin Sister?

ミアは新しい双子の妹を持っている? ( ・◇・)?~??

In fact, it is new Generation of Mia Character ヽ(°◇° )ノ


New Mia's hair is still messy a bit and still not finalize yet.. hehe .. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

DSC_3536 540

Here are some of the different between the new Mia and the old Mia 。(⌒∇⌒。)


As i know.. the New Mia is a little smaller compare the first one (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

私が知っているよう..新しいミアは最初のものを比較する少し小さい ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)

and more cute too ... (◎_◎;)


P7230393 540

Have to wait Hui to give New Mia a hair cut and i will take a photo of her new look in my next post in future. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

Finally finish Attached the Open smile mask..

Mask open smile 03 540

well it is very interesting or perhaps getting interesting in attaching the wig because it quite challenging actually ..

Mask open smile 01 540

Mask open smile 02 540

here is another shot from different angle of it sorry about the Hair because .. it's a bit messy .. and the red ribbon is some experiment that i had in mind that the hair can be tied to make a tail on the side or not ..

After attached it . i leave the room and do something else outside my house and check on my facebook.

Yui had me a surprised before she go to sleep .. by attached a creative ribbon on the mask hair .. so i took some photo of it

Open smile mouth with Hair attached 01

Open smile mouth with Hair attached 02

and This morning one of my facebook friend *Chiralry* saying that this mask is very close to one of the member in The Idolm@ster Anime series name by Amami Haruka ><

So i make a comparison on the character and my mask ..

comapare the open smile mouth 640

Haha the hair is quite the same "^^

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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