Which Side will you choose?

Hai Everyone, since i have been busy lately as update KWonder blogs may take a while for me to find a free time to write a new post on the mask works that i have done lately. Although i still working on another Mask Project, but this is another 2 of the masks that are nearly complete. still waiting for the hair to be attach on each mask character.

Mask Project NOV 720

From the above photo are the 2 masks that i was refering to. So which SIDE are you going to choose? When the Mask is complete i will share their photo with everyone "very soon"

See you On my Next updates -end-

Kwonder Mask Version Since Beginning until today

Recently I was ask by one of my kig performer friend on how many mask that i have achieve since from the beginning i started my mask works. That question keep me wonder as i end up making a summary of the mask that i have achieve since 2010. Since i am not a full time mask maker (just a part time mask maker) therefore i cannot receive a lot of mask order in the same time even i would like to. I would like to say sorry for decline on some performers request me to make a kig mask for them. *very sorry* In the same time, it also took me quite a few month to complete the mask for the performer (usually it too about 4 to 6 month *will be delay if there is any problems along the way on making the mask ) Anyway it did bring me some memories on making my very first kig mask on my own as i find my very old kig photos to be summarize. Looking back on my first mask, i can say quite chibi if compare on my current mask now. why? it's because the first mask is quite big

From what i learn from my 1st mask in term of the place or area need to be improve, it pop out to have 2nd , 3rd and 4th very (probably the final mask size that i made). As those you have know me in this 5 years should know my works on the mask that the size is getting smaller .

Version mask of KWonder 01 Label resize

From left to right :- the 1st version is an original character that i name it as Mia. Follow by my 2nd mask version Miaa and Minami both are also original character as well... as Miaa replace Mia (upgrade version of Mia mask). The 3rd version is actually from the Anime Characters Eru Chitanda, Mirai, Madoka and Homura.

Version mask of KWonder 02 Label resize

At first i thought the 3rd Mask version was my final mask version, but still it i feel something pulling me to go for the 4th mask version when i look on the 3rd mask version mold. Therefore, i work on the 4th generation of KWonder mask and end up V4 sample character (the yellow hair), from that i was satisfied on the outcome of the this version. So i use this 4th generation of KWonder mask to make a few anime character as you all look on the picture that i have share. Sakura from the Street Fighter, Millhiore Firianno Biscotti from Dog Days anime, Reimu from Touhou project character and the latest one was my very own favorite character Super Sonico. She was the 1st anime character that i made for KWonder. I will share on her photos on my next post please look forwards to her.

Also i would like to say Yes and Congratulate that you all have guess it correctly base on the mask photo.


lastly from the summarize that i have made... 1 , 2, .... 12 masks that i have achieve in this 5 years as a part timer mask maker. for those who own KWonder mask from the beginning, please take good care of her .....as all the mask that i made i have put a lot of sweat and effort on every each one of them.

See you on my next post.

Test on Millefiori by KWonder (Part 02)

It's been a while again about 2 months that i haven't start to write some post on the Kwonder blog..
Might as well updates on Millhi second part of testing photo snapping.. hope you like it as much as i do ..

Millhi Hui L 01_resize

This time Millhi is wearing just a very simple outdoor cloth in human form.. this is how she look like

Millhi Hui 02_resize

Before become human form...

Millhi Hui 13_resize

Sitting post with Rilakkuma .. big round face ..

here are some more of Millhi sitting unstill ... lol

Millhi Hui 11_resize
Millhi Hui 12_resize
Millhi Hui 08_resize
Millhi Hui 07_resize

Sometimes Millhi do some silly pose as well in front of the camera @@

Millhi Hui 03_resize

Henshin pose before turning into human form

Millhi Hui 05_resize

Here Millhi taking photo with the Rilakumma family

Lastly but not least.. we hope to see more Millhi for her owner next time in future .. Look forward to her

Millhi Hui 09_resize

See you again on my next pose.. soon regarding on my new mask that i'm working on. ^^

Madokami and Homura in school Uniform

Since i haven't update on Madokami and Homura mask that i made before. So the 2 performers (Mirei and Chiralry) also owner of the mask willing to help me by taking photo of Madoka and Homura in school uniform

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 11_resize

Have you all every see Madokami in short hair ?

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 14_resize

Actually Madokami hair is tied at the back

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 10_resize


Madoka and Homura School Uniform 12_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 05_resize

Since Homura was Madoka very close friend, might as well took a few photo of Homura... on this post

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 04_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 09_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 06_resize


What if Homura wearing her glasses ? Wonder how she look like ...

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 01_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 02_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 03_resize

Lastly before i end this post.. here are a few photo that i think it is funny between Madokami and Homura ^^

Since Homura can't express her feeling toward Madoka or Madokami, yet this kind of things happen in photo shooting that time . Sharing with you all just for fun ..

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 16_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 15_resize

pity madokami ... "^^

Hope you all like the post .. and see you on my next post

Mirai Suenaga ( Moekana T-shirts )

Mirai Suenaga (末永みらい) is the site mascot character for Culture Japan (dannychoo.com). As Miaa receive some Moekana T-shirts from Yui Chan and Hui San from their last visit to CF 2012 ^^. Miaa glad to try it on just to see how it look like ^^. Oh another things that Miaa discover is that .. there is a Danny Choo Culture Japan Logo at the bottom to represent it's originality.

Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 04

Here is the Logo look like.

Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 05

Here is how it look on Miaa ^^

Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 09

Oh ~ By the way, This little Mirai look a like Hui's Mirai nendoroid which Hui's bought. let Miaa show you.. ^^

Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 06


Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 03Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 02

Mirai Suenaga T-Shirt 01


more information can be found on Danny Choo webpage ^^

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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