~ Merry Christmas to Everyone ~

DSC_2814 1280

Here is my little Santa That i took from my Christmas Cake

Today is the Christmas Eve and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate Christmas with Families and the love ones as well. And for those who is not celebrate .. we would like wish everyone a Happy Holiday

Here My Sonico would also like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas Celebration and Happy New 2016 soon in a few more days ~! by Sharing one of her favorite photo with you all'

DSC_2460 guitar001 Xmas wish 1280

Let Sonico light up the spirit on Christmas eve ... lol.. (Joking)

DSC_2460 guitar001 resize
(Original Photo)

DSC_2814 1280 02

Christmas will not be the same without Snowman took from my Christmas Cake as well

しゃめいまる  あや Aya Shameimaru


Aya Shameimaru (射命丸 文 Shameimaru Aya) is Gensokyo's resident reporter, known for writing "slightly" exaggerated news articles about anything that happens in Gensokyo. She's very strong and is probably stronger than she shows since she sometimes "accidentally wins" battles while only meaning to cover a news story.

Definition taken from :- touhouwiki

I think most of Touhou fans may know this character very well.. as KWonder have produce this character upon request from one of the new kig performer.

Aya Shameimaru resize

Since this character don't have an actual Anime character type so base of her features of Aya, i manage to create her base on my design. Hope you all like her and to see her in future too very soon. All the best to Aya Shameimaru ~!


Happy Pocky Day to everyone who love pocky very much from Super Sonico (KW)




Anyone want some Pocky Strawberry Flavor?


Maybe Parka want to try some...

Thank You ~! (ありがとう) from SONICO

Recently a lot of people in Hui's facebook like Sonico profile photo. Although it is normal for some people but to us is quite surprising that it is over 80 likes.

Sonico 11072015 01 word resize
It look like Sonico is very Happy as well too ~!

Sonico 11072015 02 word resize
Sonico bow as to say "Thank You to you all for those to like Sonico"

We also very happy and appreciate to all the people who like the the Sonico that done by us. Here we like to invite our Super Sonico to say thank you to all of you Hope you all like it. Thank you everyone and see you again~!

Sonico 11072015 03 word resize

2015-07-13-13-30-44_deco resize

Super Sonico ( すーぱーそに子 ) ~!

Yes...!! at last i manage to finish Super Sonico Character...of course Sonico will not achieve without the help from my close kig friend. As most of everyone know this character in the Anime or Games as well. Without further waiting.. i will let Sonico to have a short intro of her self

Intro 01 1080

Intro 02 1080

Intro 03 1080

Here are some of the photos that Sonico pose as similarity as the picture not 100% but quite close... Remind me of Reality versus Picture/Figure.

super-skiddiko-super-sonico-the-animation-creditless-opening-bd-remux-44161e91-mkv_snapshot_00-58_2014-10-31_04-13-13 (1)

compare with picture 01 1080

Haha... i have to take out Sonico headset, if not the hood will disturb her head and it is not mainly to cover on Kigurumi Mask. ^^" sorry about it. But... atleast you can see how she look like without headset

Super Sonico Compare 03 01 1080

Sonico do her best to imitate the pose from the figure. Althought it is not 100% the same but i think Sonico is quite cute.

Lastly ......

Super Sonico Compare 02 with word 1080

Hope you all like the Sonico that i have made for quite sometimes... as much as i do . Hopefully everyone can see more of her in future and thank you for waiting to see her intro.

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
KWonder blog is place where we like to share on our mask character that we have achieve and some photo of out Kig character too. Super Sonico was the 1st Anime that we have achieve and made for KWonder. Hope you like her as well. Thank you

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