Thank you everyone for over 100 likes in KWonder Facebook Page

Wow ... it's more than 100 likes on KWonder Mask Works Facebook Page
, Thank you everyone for the like and follow up the page. Here is one of the mask that i will update on her on my next post (A simple snap shot on her).

2015-05-24-13-16-02_deco resize

Who she is? Well i will reveal her after i have complete on her accessories. Please look forward everyone.. and thank you once again. ^^ even though it make take a while.

Reimu Touhou Character by KWonder

Reimu Hakurei (博麗 霊夢 Hakurei Reimu) is the main character from the Touhou Project together along with Marisa Kirisame. As the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, she manages the Hakurei Border of Gensokyo and exterminates troublesome youkai.


For those fans of Touhou Project should know about her characteristic. more information about this character can be found in this Wiki link on Reimu Hakurei

Here are some of the mask photo which is done by KWonder hope you all like it.

reimu mask 06reimu mask 05

reimu mask 04

reimu mask 03

reimu mask 02

Here are some of her test photo shooting wearing outdoor cloth to see how she look like in kig form, before she was send out to her owner and hopefully we can see more of her photo in her maiden costume

Reimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 05 reReimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 04 re

Reimu doing her ribbon adjustment before shooting

Reimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 06 reReimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 07 re

Reimu Taking photo with Rilakkuma

Reimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 02 reReimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 03 re

After playing with the Rilakkuma, she saw a another big cute Rilakkuma Head in the shooting room and wanted to give it a hug.

Even Reimu is not wearing her actual Maiden Costume, i hope you all like the Test photo on her wearing a normal outdoor cloth before she meet with her real owner. Lastly before i end this post, hope fully i will be able to share with you more of the mask i made in my next post in future.. see you soon

Reimu Outdoor Cloth Sample 08 re

Piece Sign from Reimu Hakurei

Test on Millefiori by KWonder (Part 02)

It's been a while again about 2 months that i haven't start to write some post on the Kwonder blog..
Might as well updates on Millhi second part of testing photo snapping.. hope you like it as much as i do ..

Millhi Hui L 01_resize

This time Millhi is wearing just a very simple outdoor cloth in human form.. this is how she look like

Millhi Hui 02_resize

Before become human form...

Millhi Hui 13_resize

Sitting post with Rilakkuma .. big round face ..

here are some more of Millhi sitting unstill ... lol

Millhi Hui 11_resize
Millhi Hui 12_resize
Millhi Hui 08_resize
Millhi Hui 07_resize

Sometimes Millhi do some silly pose as well in front of the camera @@

Millhi Hui 03_resize

Henshin pose before turning into human form

Millhi Hui 05_resize

Here Millhi taking photo with the Rilakumma family

Lastly but not least.. we hope to see more Millhi for her owner next time in future .. Look forward to her

Millhi Hui 09_resize

See you again on my next pose.. soon regarding on my new mask that i'm working on. ^^

Visit Comic Fiesta 2014

It's been a while since i haven't have time to make a new post of Millhi part 2,

But anyway, i will try to update on her on my next post. ^^

On the last few day... me and Yui went to one of the biggest event Cosplay event in our country call Comic Fiesta

The event becoming more and more bigger :- meaning more cosplayer, visitors and a lot of booths as well. Beside that, More Kiggers (Kigurumi Performer) who participated in this event to make it more interesting for this event hehe....

Last Comic Fiesta 2013 .. have 2 kiggers.. but this time.... it is more than that surprisingly...
instead of 2 or 4 .. this time is 6 kiggers who participate in this event .. 2 of the kiggers (Mirei and Chiralry) is from our country and the rest is from Hong Kong (Neptune) , Japan (Alex) and Indonesia (Mirai and Sakura)

Well the more the merrier it is

Welcome to the kiggers who participated in the event :-

DSC_9609 FB

Fie Claussell perform by Alex Viola ( very cute )

DSC_9607 FB

Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise (Adult Form) perform by Neptune (Sexy and Cute)

DSC_9616 FB

Sakura Kasukano (Street Fighter Character) perform by Sakura Kasukano (Cool and cute)

DSC_9611 FB

Shimakaze (Kancolle) perform by Mirei

Here are some of the photo that i able to shoot during the 1st day of the event.

DSC_9577 FB

DSC_9589 FB

DSC_9599 FB
(Fighting poses from Neptune and Sakura)

DSC_9617 FB
(Lovely Fie Claussell and Shimakaze)

DSC_9620 FB
(Hmm.. seem like Shimakaze lost or separate with others. Trying to look for them)

DSC_9619 FB
(very cute little girl taking photo with Sakura and Neptune)

DSC_9626 FB
(Even Kirito (SAO) also join the fun .. taking photo with Nyaruko, Fey and Neptune)

DSC_9579 FB

As you all can see... the event is full or crowded people until i have to stand at the back and let other people to snap photo of the kiggers Also it seen kiggers do have a lot of people taking photo with them .. as it seem that kigurumi cosplay was very new or rare in the event. i never see a lot of people taking photo of kigurumi cosplay in this event... if compare with the previous CF event.

DSC_9585 copy
Sakura and Nyaruko taking Selfie ^^

DSC_9628 FB
(Even sailor girls also taking photo with the kiggers as well) nice

DSC_9605 FB

DSC_9649 FB

Lastly.. i would like to congratulate for the kiggers on successfully performing in the Comic Fiesta 2014 and hope you all may enjoy the event as well. Although it is may have different experience from other event that they have participate before in their country. ( BIG CLAP )

DSC_9651 FB

All for one and one for All ...

Test on Millefiori by KWonder (Part 01)

In this post, i would like to share on Millefiore Kig (For a quick test shooting before handle to her owner soon)
Since it is a special mask that i have ever made before .. therefore i divided it into 2 parts

The Character in this photo is perform by Yui ( it is been a while since her last perform on one of my Mask that i made)

Millhi Yui 08_resize
(Millefiore in Human Form)

and i took the photo to see how Millefiore look like in kig form although we don't have Millhi's costume
Therefore we simply took out a costume for her for a test. (the costume is from Yuu Chi one of the talent mask maker from the west side)

Millhi Yui 02_resize
(Millefiore in Doggie Form)

Millhi Yui 04_resizeMillhi Yui 03_resize

Here are some of her cuteness in Doggie form

Millhi Yui 05_resize
Millhi Yui 13_resize

Here are some of her cuteness in Human form

Millhi Yui 10_resizeMillhi Yui 11_resize

Lower view Angle

Beside there are another .. special about Millhi is that..... .. --->

Millhi Yui 06_resize

Millhi have short sighted? when she change to human form?

Millhi Yui 07_resize

I just joking

Here i would like to stop my 1st part on Millhi test shooting post.. Please look forward on her Part 2

Millhi Yui 09_resize

See you Soon (Peace)

Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
Mia is the first kigurumi that is created by us and we hope you like it too. Hope to see more of Mia and other kigurumi in this blog. Enjoy!
Mia Date of Birth - 4th Oct

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