Madokami and Homura in school Uniform

Since i haven't update on Madokami and Homura mask that i made before. So the 2 performers (Mirei and Chiralry) also owner of the mask willing to help me by taking photo of Madoka and Homura in school uniform

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 11_resize

Have you all every see Madokami in short hair ?

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 14_resize

Actually Madokami hair is tied at the back

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 10_resize


Madoka and Homura School Uniform 12_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 05_resize

Since Homura was Madoka very close friend, might as well took a few photo of Homura... on this post

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 04_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 09_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 06_resize


What if Homura wearing her glasses ? Wonder how she look like ...

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 01_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 02_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 03_resize

Lastly before i end this post.. here are a few photo that i think it is funny between Madokami and Homura ^^

Since Homura can't express her feeling toward Madoka or Madokami, yet this kind of things happen in photo shooting that time . Sharing with you all just for fun ..

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 16_resize

Madoka and Homura School Uniform 15_resize

pity madokami ... "^^

Hope you all like the post .. and see you on my next post

Eru going to Matsuri Con Event

Last month, Eru went to Matsuri Con event, I think most of people already saw the photo of Eru in the event or during the event is held ^^

Eru Matsuri Con 02

It seem like Eru can't wait to see how is the event look like .. "I'm curious" ( Eru's catchphrase)

Eru Matsuri Con 06

Eru also bring her anthology to the event as well.

Eru Matsuri Con 04

Hopefully she will able to share with other on her anthology.

Eru Matsuri Con 03

Here are some of the photos which i randomly took from facebook on her group photo with others in the event ^^
(i think a lot of you may have seen it already)

Eru Matsuri Con 07Eru Matsuri Con 12
Eru Matsuri Con 10Eru Matsuri Con 11
Eru Matsuri Con 13

You can see more of the photos in Claire Facebook Album during the event ^^

It looks like Eru enjoy her self in the event by seeing her expression ^^
Also specials thanks for Cody for taking a wonder photos of Eru during the event and also Vasil

Eru Matsuri Con 05

See you again on my next post very soon

Eru Matsuri Con 01

When Eru (Hyouka) Meet Serena (Pokemon OC)

Before the offline meeting with my kigs friends last month. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka) [perform by Ashley] went to meet with Serena (Pokemon OC) [perform by RinRin] and have a few photo taking together as well too. i think most of you have already saw this photo in RinRin's blog on her offline meeting with Eru.

Eru RinRin Serena selfie 01_resize

Look like Eru is excited to meet up with Serena.. even taking her selfie photo

Eru RinRin Serena 02_resize

Taking a few photo of her self "Keep Smiling Everyone"

Eru RinRin Serena 01_resize

i just notice there was a Cat (Neko) in this photo of Eru ... Did everyone notice it?

Eru RinRin Serena 03_resize

While sitting on a nice cozy sofa, suddenly.....

Eru RinRin Serena 05_resize

Serena bought something.. to celebrate with Eru

Eru RinRin Serena 06_resize

Very nice and lovely Strawberry Cakes... also look delicious as well

Eru RinRin Serena 07_resize

Serena taking photo with the strawberry cakes ... while...

Eru RinRin Serena 09_resize

Eru can't wait to have a bite on the delicious Strawberry Cakes ..

Eru RinRin Serena 08_resize

Anyone want to have a piece of this yummy cakes?

Kigurumi Offline Meeting 2014 Pt 2

It is been a while from our last Offline Meeting in July ^^. Ever since after Offline meeting i have been busy on working my mask works ... and also taking sometimes choosing our 2nd offline photo to be share with you all.

After the school Uniform, we decide to wear on our maid costume to be taken for group photo.

OFFLINE 23_resize

Look like she is the 1st one (My V4) waiting for the rest to get ready..

After that...

OFFLINE 253_resize

Mirai Join the scene with my V4 ( sorry i still did not thinking of a good name for her there fore i call her V4) lol

OFFLINE 254_resize

Together they try to make a love shape

Since all of us are ready... so it's time to snap a few photo for this offline meeting

OFFLINE 21_resize

Snap one.. (Oh, by the way,.... The performer of Mirai try to perform Homura in maid costume)

OFFLINE 22_resize

Snap 2 (Hugging time lol .. just for fun only )

OFFLINE 24_resize

Snap 3 (Standing group photo)

After the group photos... Minami (Mirai performer) would like to test on my V4 mask that i made so i took a few photos for her that time.

OFFLINE 27_resize

i see a neko's tail (Cat tail) .. in this photo

OFFLINE 26_resize

look like this Neko is stretching from her sleep "^^

Before i end this post, My neko V4 would like to share with you this photo. Hope you all like it and see you again very soon on my next post.

OFFLINE 255_resize


Selfie Photos During Offline Meeting 2014

Before i post the 2nd part of our Offline meeting .. i saw Nyaruko and Homura (in maid costume) trying to take their own photo using their Selfie Stick and plug with their smartphone .. It's quite funny to see how they snap their Selfie photos using this method.

SELFIE 10_resize

Here are some of their photos taking by their Smartphone Although it is not really clear and also the faded color.. because the camera is in low resolution . But i just share .. on what they are snapping during that time

SELFIE 05_resize

"Hello everyone" [みなさん、こんにちは]

SELFIE 03_resize

and so Medaka (Neko) come and join the fun

SELFIE 04_resize

Peace Everyone

SELFIE 02_resize

also "Sample V4" joining the fun as well

SELFIE 06_resize

My V4, Medaka (Neko) and Nyaruko

SELFIE 08_resize

Medaka (Neko) , Nyaruko and Mirai (Peace su)

SELFIE 07_resize

Lastly before i wrap up this selfie post.. i could say it is quite fun and unique on the photo taken by a Selfie stick .. although it depend on the camera which attached on the stick as well.. but it is fun when capturing during that time

Here is Nyaruko Special Selfie photo .. which she would like to share with all of us

SELFIE 01_resize

Nyaruko and Homura wish you the best of luck and keep up the spirit.. Yeah "Do your best! Ganbatte! がんばって!"

SELFIE 00_resize

Look forward to our next post soon..

Yui ゆい

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Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
Mia is the first kigurumi that is created by us and we hope you like it too. Hope to see more of Mia and other kigurumi in this blog. Enjoy!
Mia Date of Birth - 4th Oct

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