Who is behind or perform Miaa?

Hello everyone .. it is been a while that Miaa did not reveal Miaa for quite sometimes ( ^_^)>""

Miaa performer 002_resize

Sorry Everyone .. (Gomen'nasai @ ごめんなさい)

Miaa performer 004_resize

In this post Miaa want to share with you a surprised. ( >_o)v Since everyone always curious on who is behind the kig performer .. although Kigurumi cosplay will always be a secret. ( ^_^)

Miaa performer 005_resize

Miaa guess everyone.. also would like to know who is performing Miaa as well too.. ( >_<).. therefore .. Miaa try to share Miaa performer with everyone.. i hope Miaa friends will not be too surprised .

Miaa performer 003_resize

To reveal Miaa's performer, Miaa have to take off the mask ... So see you~ ((~o( >_<)o~))

Miaa performer 001_resize


Miaa performer 007_resize

i think Miaa's performer is nervous .. "^^ i guess i have to post it on my next post ..

to be continue ...

彼女たちは誰ですか? (Who is this character?)

This month i have a few masks need to be completed and some of of the mask are..... this 2 characters ^^. Although i'm still not a good mask maker but i try my best to make kig mask that request from the performer.

Homura and Madoka KWonder 01_resize

Some of you may know this character well i think if all the character features is there then it is easy to tell "^^.

Ok as some of you may guess it is from Madoka series or Movie , well you are right.

MADOKAKAMI (Madoka Ultimate form):-

Homura and Madoka KWonder 07_resizeHomura and Madoka KWonder 08_resize
Homura and Madoka KWonder 09_resize


Homura and Madoka KWonder 03_resizeHomura and Madoka KWonder 04_resize

As i know both of this characters is quite close to each other in the movie and as well as the original Anime series too ^^ quite touching as well on the story line

Homura and Madoka KWonder 06_resize
Homura and Madoka KWonder 05_resize

569330 (1)_resize

Here is a few shots that i taken when the mask is done for a quick look when it is wear on the performer. Different performer will have different description on the photo "^^ just to let everyone know about it. Because the mask that i make probably will be different from other mask maker around the world as well.

Homura and Madoka KWonder 13_resizeHomura and Madoka KWonder 12_resize

Here is how both of them look like ^^

Homura and Madoka KWonder 11_01_resize

Peace from Madokami and Homura
Hope you all like it and see u in the next post

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Yuan Xiao Jie (Chap Goh Mei) as well

Valentine Day and The Lantern Festival Yuan Xiao Jie – 元宵节 ( Last day for Chinese New Year Celebration) fall in the same day which is 14 of February ^^ I guess a lot of people will be busy celebrate with their love ones in this special day and also family gathering for my Chinese friends as well ^^

In this post, Eru Chitanda would like to share some of her photo wearing Rilakkuma Apron ^^

Eru Rilakkuma Apron 01_resize

I hope this photos that Eru is sharing is not too over ^^"

Eru Rilakkuma Apron 02_resize

But i do hope you all like the photo as we try to make a good shot for her as well ^^

Eru Rilakkuma Apron 03_resize

The apron is very cute to be use in daily cooking .... that might getting dirty on this cute Rilakkuma Apron.

So in this special valentines day Eru did not prepared anything just to share one of her favorite photo to u all ^^

Eru Rilakkuma Apron 07_resize (Original)



Lastly KWonder would like to say Happy Valentines to you all and The Lantern Festival Yuan Xiao Jie – 元宵节 to who is celebrating now or tomorrow for the west part of my KWonder friends ^^


Best Wishes from Eru Chitanda (KWonder) and Be Happy Always ~! and see you

Outdoor Simple Clothes ( 簡単な屋外の衣服。) by Eru ^^

Hello Everyone,

It is been a while again since on my last updates on this blog. Sorry about it as we are busy on our daily works and also the masks works recently which making us less time on updating our blog. But don't worry everyone.. as we will try our best to share what we have and encounter in this blog next time.

DSC_5663 v1 720

As for this post, i will share with you on Eru Chitanda photos in her "Simple Outdoor Cloth" which i took recently.

DSC_5657 v1 720DSC_5652 v1 720

Even the photos that i took on Eru is not good .. because i only took a few shots due to the times that i have to divide between my works and making masks.

DSC_5656 v1 720DSC_5666 v1 720

But i hope you all like it ^^

DSC_5658 v1 720

Before i go... i wish you have a very good time in your days and also everything that you do as well.

"Peace" from Eru Chitanda

See you again in our next post.

Recognize This character? made by KWonder

Hi everyone,...

Do you recognize this character?

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 06

In fact i don't have her original school costume for this character to wear at that time when photo shooting..

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 11

So i borrow Hyouka school instead (sorry Eru Chitanda).. well... just for some testing shots on her...

Have any idea who is the character she is ?? ????

If u all guess it's Mirai Suenaga... Character created by Danny Choo... yes she is ... ^^ for those who know Danny will surely know this character

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 05Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 08

It is requested by one of the kig performer and will be appear in AFAID 2013 if possible or hopefully arrive in time as well too

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 09Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 10

Here is another snap shot on Mirai wearing ... er...

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 03Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 02
Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 01

"^^ mm... before i end this post .. hope you all able to see her in AFAID in coming 6 to 8 september 2013.

Mirai Suenaga KWonder wording 07

See you everyone in AFAID 2013 if possible from Mirai Suenaga by KWonder


Yui ゆい

Author:Yui ゆい
Name:- Yui or Hui
Month of Birth :- 19 & 14 March
Mia is the first kigurumi that is created by us and we hope you like it too. Hope to see more of Mia and other kigurumi in this blog. Enjoy!
Mia Date of Birth - 4th Oct

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